Dragon Cards & Collectibles

1771 Cooper Road (15), Kelowna BC V1Y 7T1
Telephone 250-860-1770


Tuesday - Friday: 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday: 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Sunday - Monday: Closed


Board games, Card games, Role Playing Games, Action Figures, Hotwheels, Trading cards, Fantasy figures and collectors plates, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, Manga and Anime, Puzzles, Graphic Novbels and trade paper backs, Star Wars, Chaotic, World or Warcraft, Eye of Judgement, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh etc



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Dragon Cards & Collectibles in Kelowna

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An anonymous user said:

good service and great prices great selection

over 4 years ago
An anonymous user said:

This is one of the best hobbie shops i have been in very good and the people are great i suggest to anyone lookin for a good hobbie shop to visit Dragon Cards and Collectibles

over 4 years ago
crispii said:

For gamers in Kelowna, this store is a haven. The only other place to get trading card games is out in Rutland, so the central location of Dragon Cards lends very much to its credibility.

The large variety in this store is instantly obvious by the way the shelves and tables are all overflowing with items. I can see how some anal-retentives would be thrown off by this sloppy array; but frankly, collectibles are hard enough to find, so I think it's better to have a lot of them crammed together, than too few in an orderly fashion. And really, anyone looking to buy from this store will likely have a bedroom or house to match, and won't be bothered.

I enjoy the owner. I must say, I was put off at first by his abrupt, and perhaps sharp, attitude. However, I've also come to see him as a very knowledgeable individual, especially in the realm of Magic Cards, who always seems to have an answer to my questions, absurd and obscure as they often are. In this way, I've come to respect him as a shop owner of this type, and I've even noticed his attitude lighten as I become more of a regular.

However, I still think the most effective improvement this store could make is that of customer service in terms of attitude. I think if the owner could practice and achieve patience, tolerance, and subtle good feelings while he's working, he would receive the sort of customer attention that he's surely looking for.

Any fan of collectible games knows that stores are too few and far between already, so this alone makes Dragon Cards a thankful refuge. Coupled with its location, variety, and a knowledgeable owner, this store deserves a good rating, and the attention of local gamers.

over 5 years ago
dragoncards said:

Keyword in negative review below: "opened the game". Store policy which is clearly posted on till and printed on every receipt is "exchanges allowed on sealed merchendise, no returns on opened product".
Once the game is opened it can no longer be sold to someone else as new. Distribution will only replace defective merchendise, not opened product.
As to the rest of that review, it is lies, all questions are always answered truthfully and that was the case with him. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the game he wanted to return other than the fact that he didn't like it after opening it. Much more time had passed that "a minute" and the problem he had with the game had absolutely nothing to do with any questions he asked before opening it.

over 6 years ago
anonymous1 said:

This store is a fine selection for games like yugioh, but has it's downside. It also collects games such as warhammer, warhammer 40k, and Dungions and dragons, but has poor selection. Other than supplying games and manga, the downside is is that the store manager, the only guy who runs the place, is a bit rude and impatient towards his customers. He's a nice guy, but is bit impatient. He also overprices a lot of his items in terms of games, esspecially the yugioh TCG version. You can buy a three year old tin for: $40.00, and maybe even $50.00, bit of a rip off for game cards.
Good thing is that he also supplies many different cards and booster packs from many years ago, even Legend of blue-eyes. Furthermore, he over obsesses on the trading card game, thus it's the best thing he supplies, sadly though in smaller amounts, it's some of the best stores across the city of Kelowna, BC, Canada. Good note is that he supplies many different varieties of rarities, from the booster packs of the yugioh card game.
Definately a store to check out in the Okanagan if you're in this city. Kelowna also has a another store called Quantum games, the web site is

over 6 years ago