Terms of use


The present terms of use cover all information served by Ourbis and apply to all site users. The term user covers any human being or automated process making Web requests to any Ourbis affiliated domain or subdomain (including but not limited to ourbis.ca, ourbis.fr).

A community driven site

Ourbis is a community driven site. This means that content is user generated (UGC) and unmonitored. As such, it is both rich, independent and we can not guarantee its accuracy. If you find offensive or inaccurate content, please report it and an administrator will review and take action (see the following section).

Inaccurate content

Users are encouraged to correct or report inaccurate content. This can be achieved by using the 'report as inaccurate' feature or sending us some feedback.

Inappropriate content

We ask users not to submit inappropriate content. This includes content for which users are not copyright holders and also adult targeted content. Please remember to give proper attribution when required.

We will evaluate requests for inappropriate content and we reserve ourselves the right to edit or remove content when necessary.

If you are owner of the business and have access to validate your ownership via a phone number, you can update the information or delete it through an easy interface.


Unless specified otherwise, all information contained in the Ourbis website is the property of Ourbis Communications Inc. and may not be used without prior autorisation.