Pebble Pushers Gravel Co

9218 Ellerslie Road SW (197)
Edmonton, AB T6X 0K6


Specializing in loads of 5 yards or more in the Edmonton Area. We supply and deliver many aggregate soil products such as various Gravels, Rock, Sand and Dirt. Screened Loam Topsoil We supply quality local soil that is screened at one of our professional screening facilities to remove stumps, large clumps of clay, roots, and other unwanted debris. This type of soil is perfect for your average lawn or garden. Raw Loam (Unscreened) Topsoil Raw loam soil is taken right from the pile and is not screened or filtered. It may contain stumps, roots, clumps of clay, and other debris. Makes great filler dirt for your projects. Garden Mix Our garden mix has the perfect blend of screened loam, mulch, and compost creating an already fertile soil that's extremely rich in nutrients. Ideal uses for our quality garden mix include lawn areas, planting trees and shrubs, planting flowers and vegetables, creating new planting gardens or reviving existing garden areas. Washed Sand Washed sand comes in various forms. A finer washed sand is used in masonry, brick laying, stucco work, and for play sand.  While coarser washed sand can be used for loosening up soils in gardens and flowerbeds, or used in mixing concrete. Washed Rock Washed rock is available in various sizes and is commonly used for weeping tile, dog runs, roofing, draining and general landscaping. Drain Rock Drain rock is an unwashed, angular rock usually used as a drainage rock or basement gravel. Minus Gravel Minus gravel is a landscaping base rock commonly used for fine grading under paved surfaces like driveways, parking lots, roads, patios, and walking trails. Crushed Gravel This is a commonly used compacting material also known as "Road Crush". It;s a mixture of sand and rock and is best used as a base on roads or driveways under asphalt, concrete, or paving stones. Pit Run Our pit run is an unmanufactured mixture of rock and sand that is usually dug out of a bank and can contain many rocks as large as 6”-12". Pit run makes a great base for roads or driveways and should be placed in thick layers and machine leveled. Rundle Stone This dark grey rock is available in a few different sizes and is best used as an elegant accent stone around the house, trees, or other decorative yard structures. Limestone Our most popular decorative stone. Limestone has a wonderful colour blend of blues & greys and is appropriately used in flower gardens, around houses, and other decorative projects in the yard.  Aggregate Supply & Delivery We supply quality local soil all around Alberta. Any project small or large, from a cubic yard of limestone up to an entire city subdivision of clay and gravel. We have you covered with quality products and the proper equipment to get the job done right. Contaminated Soil Removal We specialize in proper soil removal and disposal. With treatment facilities and landfills throughout Alberta, we can assist in making sure remediation guidelines are met. We have both the trucks, and the equipment to get the job safely and promptly. Oilfield Services & Construction  Contaminated Hauling  Lease Maintenance  Lease Approaches  Oilfield Sump Reclamation  Oilfield Fluid Hauling  Snow Plowing & Removal  Contaminated Waste Removal  Grader/Loader/Skid Steer  Fluid Hauling  FRAC Sand Hauling  Spill Cleanup  Road Graveling  & Grading New Construction New residential or commercial construction including basements, garage pads, roads and driveways. Before you dig, give Pebble Pushers a call! Commercial/Residential Site Preparation Parking Lots & Parking Pads Underground Tank Removal Gravel/Clay/Dirt Supply Contaminated Waste Removal Cribbing Demolitions Commercial/Residential Basement Excavation & Back fill Gravel Preparation to underside of concrete/asphalt Grader/Loader/Skid Steer

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Pebble Pushers Gravel Co in Edmonton

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