TeraGo Networks Vancouver Vault

900 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1E1


"The location was originally built for the Bank of Canada in 1966 to store gold bullion. The Bank of Canada occupied large parts of the building until 1997, and the vault is now used to house the critical IT infrastructures of several businesses.

This cool, dry area is the protected by 22? thick steel reinforced concrete - providing some serious physical protection. Taking it to the next level; the space was also constructed utilizing a room-in-room design, which is essentially a concrete room inside a concrete room. There's just enough space for a person to walk the perimeter of the inside room, which gives employees the space they need to monitor the condition of the structure.

We provide 99.9% Power and Connectivity availability, and support PCI compliant environments. Customers have 24/7 unescorted access, but must pass multi-factor authentication in order to gain access, which includes a biometric scanner and key fob. The facility is monitored by a state-of-the-art digital video recording system with a 90 day archive period.

Other facility features include:
-VESDA: Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus -N+1 modular cooling system -Zoned waterless, Inergen system -In-row APC cooling system -Glycol based, closed-loop system designed to run independently of a utility water feed -A/B feed, eliminating any single point of power failure within our systems -3 days of fuel for backup generation, stored on site -Two independent power feeds from separate grids -Main feed via dedicated substation capable of 750kV"

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TeraGo Networks Vancouver Vault in Vancouver

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