Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre

100 East St. S. (NE Corner East & Mill Streets)
Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
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Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre provides effective treatments for all foot pain and problems in adults and children. Our highly experienced team is passionate about excellent patient service and providing the best chiropody care to resolve your foot-related health conditions quickly and effectively. We also provide a suite of medical pedicure and cosmetic services to enhance the appearance of your feet.

Our main areas of service include:


We provide a comprehensive range of foot medical services for all conditions – from complex, high-risk foot medical problems such as diabetes, to foot and foot related pain, as well as routine foot and nail care. Our chiropodists and support team are committed to staying abreast of the latest evidence-based therapies, and our clinic is equipped with the latest treatment technology.


With rich expertise in biomechanics, the chiropodists at Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre can take a mold of your feet and have custom inserts made, by prescription using ultra-advanced three-dimensional imaging technology, to treat your feet. We can make orthotics for children, athletes, diabetics, and for everyday life. We also provide a wide range of custom-made footwear solutions including shoes, boots, and sandals fit specifically to your feet and to your specific foot health needs.


We provide an array of cosmetic services, including a prosthetic nail replacement procedure called Pedilaq™ to greatly improve the appearance of fungal, discoloured, and damaged toenails. Our Nourish™ anti-fungal nail polish is toxin-free, extremely durable, and available in a rich selection of colours for application at our clinic or to take home. Medical treatment of dry skin, cracked heels, corns, warts, problem/fungal nails and calluses is included, as is therapeutic massage or mobilizations when indicated.

We can help to restore a more attractive appearance to your feet in a safe, medically sanitary environment. And, thanks to our unique qualifications as regulated foot specialists, we will also attend to any underlying medical issues that may be causing the cosmetic issues


Through a corrective in-office procedure, we are able to remedy chronic painful ingrown toenail problems permanently by removing a section or, in severe, rare cases, all of the ingrown toenail. A special agent is then applied to prevent re-growth of the ingrown portion of the nail. The procedure is completely painless since the toe is “put to sleep” under local anaesthetic. And, within a short time, the area heals and the appearance is restored.


Compression therapy such as custom compression stockings can provide effective relief from swelling and fatigue caused by a number of conditions. It can also prevent the onset of problems such as varicose veins.

Our chiropodists and support staff are well versed in a range of compression therapies. In addition to our chiropodists, we employ a team of certified custom compression fitters. We offer custom and off-the-shelf compression solutions, competitively priced, and with the added benefit of our overall podiatric medical expertise in treating your foot and lower limb condition. This ensures that your compression therapy is integrated with your overall foot-health needs.


Our treatment plans are often supported using a number of modalities including infrared laser, ultrasound, and deep heat therapies. We also utilize a range of massage and mobilization techniques to target specific muscles and joints in the treatment process.

Opening Hours

Monday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Tuesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Thursday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed



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Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre in Bobcaygeon
Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre in Bobcaygeon: Kawartha Total Foot Care Centre Team

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