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AWS Irrigation Management Inc. is a full service irrigation company combining quality design/build installation, service, and the highest level of water conservation possible. This is accomplished by keeping on top of technology, old and new.

Trade memberships, certifications, ongoing education and attendance at trade shows and events keep us abreast of these technologies; more importantly, allow us to make decisions on the feasibility of them. Some ideas are great in theory, but are impractical or not financially feasible. We also keep in mind the result of using technologies on system service down the road. Sometimes products are specified with little field testing that may not be easy to service down the road. It is a tricky road to walk down, balancing efficiency, cost, and serviceability. AWS brings product history and hands-on experience to the table.

Alan Driedger is President of AWS and a University of Waterloo Science graduate. In his 17 years of experience he has installed everything from golf courses and sportsfield complexes to commercial plazas and residential systems large and small. In these years, he has embraced technology that most contractors shy away from.
Pump systems running out of ponds, wells, or cisterns are no problem. Rainwater harvesting and green roof systems have also found their way into our portfolio. Central control and weather based irrigation is where we have made significant progress since beginning with it in 2002 with some impressive numbers at the end of this article. Certified with the Irrigation Association, Alan is a Contractor, Designer, Auditor, and Water Conservation Manager, grouping him with less than 6 such certified individuals in Canada. Alan is also a Level 3 Maxicom Specialist Hardware and Software with Rain Bird Corporation, as well as a Cross Connection (Backflow) Specialist and Tester with the Ontario Waterworks Association.

AWS is proud to announce that Alan Driedger has recently become a WaterSense Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This partnership recognizes companies that are being proactive in the conservation of water. Alan has conserved an estimated 1.25 billion litres of water since 2002 by installing and maintaining ET based systems.

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Office hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 4:30pm



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AWS Irrigation Management Inc in Guelph: AWS Logo
AWS Irrigation Management Inc in Guelph: AWS Logo1

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