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"Studying abroad could be nerve-racking yet a pleasurable experience. Choose wisely and choose right! Collaborate and celebrate with Education Consultants Canada (ECC) and pave the way to a life where there is no looking back!

Studying abroad has its perks and risks, but with Education Consultants Canada (ECC) on board, one can sail the ship smoothly!

Education Consultants Canada (ECC) caters to an umbrella of study programs from Masters, Bachelors programs to Diploma, Post-Graduate Certificate, College Certificate and Transfer programs

Over the past years, education has undergone a massive change in terms of its pedagogy and in terms of the choices of study. The versatility Education Consultants Canada (ECC) offers, is not just with the program formats but with the choice in the field of study too. We cover a broad spectrum of courses from Technology, Arts, Sciences, Health Studies, Law, Media, Hospitality, Trades, and Business.

Established in 2007 by a Canadian graduate & a research assistant, Abhay Kumar Rai (Space Engineering & Instrumentation), a full-fledged academician & an educator himself, understands the unique need of every international student. Hence, backed by his sophisticated knowledge & experienced counsellors, Education Consultants Canada (ECC) thrives as a renowned, reliable and professionally managed education consultant with the largest network of direct representations with over 50 state-of-the-art colleges & universities in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.

Supported by experienced counsellors, technology, & modern logistics, Education Consultants Canada (ECC) promises to deliver long-lasting, relationship. With a team of counsellors across all specialties, Education Consultants Canada, (ECC) can address every aspect of higher education opportunity in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore. From complimentary counseling, to support students with their entire application process, help in guiding to arrive to a decision about their choice of education, scholarships while studying abroad, university selection, study permit, visa application & pre-departure services (accommodation, flight tickets etc.), Education Consultants Canada overseas education need that a prospective student might have."

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Education Consultants Canada in MIssissauga: Education Consultations Canada

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