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Our Mission:

The PREPSKILLS® mission is to translate preparation into opportunity. We do this by providing the highest quality preparatory learning experiences that serve to maximize individual potential, impart skills for leadership and inspire lessons in life-long learning.

Educational Leadership:
PREPSKILLS® inspires students to reach their full potential, and assists their parents in guiding them on their educational journey. PREPSKILLS® is the Canadian leader in the provision of admission preparation services for students in Grades K to 12 seeking entrance to private and independent schools and American Universities. Founder & President, Joanna Severino, B. Comm., B. Ed., is an experienced and dedicated teacher who is passionate about helping children attain skills for educational, personal and spiritual development through Knowledge - Choice - SuccessTM. PREPSKILLS® offers students and families an inspirational and nurturing learning experience focused on skills for change; lessons in life-long learning and leadership development; and the enhancement of personal and professional aspirations. PREPSKILLS® is in the business of inspiring students to reach their full potential, and assisting their parents in guiding them on their educational journey.

Peace of Mind:
All our teachers are certified in Ontario, and specifically selected for their compatibility with the PREPSKILLS® philosophy, strategies, methodologies and curriculum. All attend our own preparatory seminars and workshops. Our teachers help students make the critical connection between understanding content on one hand, and understanding the use of that content in a test-taking environment on the other.

Our Parental Partners:
We actively encourage parental involvement in our work. Further, we see our role as providing parents with assistance in navigating the complexity of the private school and university admission requirements. Parents should become familiar with the private school application processes and undertake to apply for both school admission and applicable testing approximately a year prior to the commencement of the entry school year. For students interested in applying to American Universities, the research process should begin as early as possible, and students should undertake to prepare and write the standardized tests ( PSAT, SAT, SAT subject tests or ACT) in Grade 10 or 11.

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