Fissures et drain francais Rive Sud

4570 Avenue Thibault
Longueuil, QC J4X 1T8


  • You want to install a French drain or to inspect a French drain?
  • There are cracks in the concrete of your foundations?

Our experts are mandated to implement the least costly solution, most efficient and most effective.

Our areas of expertise:
- Cracks in the concrete of your foundations - Cracks in the solage - The French drain - The excavation or mini-excavation - Water infiltration problems - Test and pyrite removal

Founded in 1993, Fissures et drain francais Rive-Sud offers sustainable business solutions to your foundation problems. Whether foundation cracks, french drains, waterproofing membranes, tar or control joints, our specialists will diagnose your problem and apply the optimal solution in accordance with the highest standards of industry.

By choosing Fissures et drain francais Rive-Sud, you get:

  • A solidly trained team
  • Equipment on the cutting edge of technology
  • Affordable prices
  • A guaranteed satisfaction policy

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french drain foundation cracks


Fissures et drain francais Rive Sud in Longueuil: drain francais
Fissures et drain francais Rive Sud in Longueuil: Fissures et drain francais rive sud
Fissures et drain francais Rive Sud in Longueuil: Drain francais et fissures de fondation

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