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What is Selexion?

Selexion is the perfect way to find the lawyer who best meets your needs.

How does it work?

Selexion is three easy steps:

1) Describe your case and submit it to the Selexion lawyers.

To find a lawyer that best suits your needs, you must explain your problem. Designed by lawyers, Selexion asks you the right questions and helps you put together a request for service that projects a clear portrait of your situation. Once completed, the system transmits your request for service to all Selexion lawyers interested in your type of case.

2) Compare profiles and responses from interested lawyers who respond to you.

Before giving a mandate to a lawyer, it is definitely in your best interest to know more about the lawyer and to understand why it is preferable for you to retain his services rather than those of another. Therefore, Selexion puts at your disposal, a detailed profile of interested lawyers and allows you to easily review and compare their non-binding service offers.

3) Select the lawyer that best suits your needs!

Now that you know more about those lawyers interested in your case, and you understand what distinguishes their respective service offerings, it is now time to make your choice. Through Selexion, you decide which lawyer is best suited to your needs and invite him to contact you.

Why find a lawyer on Selexion?

Selexion is an excellent way for you to make an informed decision when it comes time to retain the services of a lawyer. Selexion offers an easy, fast and efficient process. With Selexion the client remains in control of the process and is able to find the lawyer that meets his/her criteria.

How much does it cost?

Selexion is completely free for anyone seeking the services of a lawyer. There are no hidden charges and no banking information is requested.

Is it confidential?

Yes. The request for service that we help you prepare is by default, anonymous. Only you decide when and how your identity will be revealed to the lawyer. We invite you to visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about our confidentiality standards.

Is it safe?

Yes. Selexion uses data encryption comparable to that used on transactional sites like chartered banks (128 bit SSL). We invite you to visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about our safety standards.

If I use Selexion, am I obliged to retain a lawyer?

No. Your request for service is non-binding and you have the opportunity to withdraw it at any time. The same rule applies to the service offer of a lawyer. In fact, no contract for service is concluded on Selexion. When using Selexion, you only agree to be put in contact with the lawyer you select.

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