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The Internet revolution has undeniably had an impact on all our social, virtual and human relationships, regardless of whether people are online or not. The new way of ‘consuming’ information has generated a new way of communicating as well.

The public now has access to vast quantities of information at all times that it absorbs at its own pace, without the filter imposed by the traditional media. The whole world is now just a mouse click away. Consumers express themselves and are part of communities where they “share information.” They feel present, heard and recognized.

Consumers are bombarded by more than a thousand advertisements a day. They are far less receptive to traditional advertising than they used to be. The media investment in a TV commercial must be far greater today than 30 years ago to achieve the same results. To stand out from the rest, advertisers have to be more creative and count on consumers to broadcast and spread their message.

The creation of virtual communities has had a definite impact on our way of perceiving consumers, who are no longer statistical units corresponding to a profile, but individuals who share values and interests with others within a community that can be either real or virtual.

Individuals who are members of these communities are also part of other communities that overlap and form the structures of a network in the literal sense of the word.

Each network is alive with discussions that flow across its communication channels. The network’s members are active and convey messages, thereby becoming self-appointed ambassadors for a brand, product, service or cause in which they believe as long as the message content says more than just “consume this” or “buy that.”

Communities are no longer limited by geographic boundaries or socio-demographic profiles. At the same time, this has given rise to new tools that enable us to customize messages for different segments of a target clientele.

The way people ‘consume’ communications is changing, so the way we communicate needs to change along with it.


Being creative with media

At Upperkut, creativity is expressed through the message itself, but also in the way it is communicated. We work to reach consumers through more original media, which are less overloaded and costly than the traditional media. For example, we use various social networking applications, blogs, forums, viral marketing and word of mouth, which is the most powerful tool of all. Other approaches include billposting, street art or event-based marketing. We also develop traditional (TV, radio, etc.) advertising campaigns, but spice them up with a dash of viral marketing.

Turning consumers into ambassadors

We place consumers at the heart of our communications strategy. They don’t just receive a message; they pass it on. We strive to build solidarity among consumers, so they consider themselves members of our community. Then we give them word-of-mouth tools, such as new reasons for them to convey our clients’ messages in positive and different terms.

Marketing the consumer-friendly way

For consumers to become ambassadors of a brand, product or service and want to talk about them on their own initiative in the various communities to which they belong, we need to be consumer-friendly and communicate directly with them.

To build that invaluable rapport that will turn a consumer into an ambassador, we inform or entertain consumers, rather than deploying intrusive and passive advertising campaigns. As a result, consumers want to inform or entertain others who will in turn become consumers and pass the same message on to other communities.

No more intrusive, aggressive and guilt-laden marketing. Long live consensus-based and participatory commercial communications!


Upperkut is an advertising communications and promotional firm. We develop campaigns with complementary targeted actions using traditional and emerging media.

We aim to turn consumers into ambassadors for your brand, products or services to increase the impact, reach and distribution of your messages and maximize your advertising return on investment.

We multiply contact points to create a buzz in communities of target consumers.

Our actions are carefully and strategically planned. Our messages are audience-adapted and customized.

We enter into a dialogue with consumers. We produce creative and viral content.

Online activities

  • Internet strategy and marketing
  • Creation of viral advertising campaigns
  • Facebook and Widgets applications
  • Promotional Web sites
  • Web PR
  • e-marketing
  • Web visibility
  • Community-building
  • Web content development (texts, blogs, video and audio clips)
  • Performance measurement

Offline activities

  • Advertising and promotional campaigns (TV, radio, print media and billboard advertising
  • Point-of-sale / point-of-purchase advertising
  • Contests (creation and management)
  • Design, logos, publishing, packaging and direct marketing

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