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If you are a budding entrepreneur or have your eyes on the world of real estate, knowing a few of the success stories can inspire immensely to do better. At the end of the day, all of us need that one push to do better, and that’s what these success stories offer us. For those who know the world of real estate in Canada, they may know that one person, who has been behind many of the best known condo projects in the country - Yves Doyon. Yves is one man, who has shaped the real estate of Canada, in more ways than one through his company Norplex. In a detailed post, we take a

Eric Yves Doyon, or Doyon as he is better known, has been one of the biggest names behind Norplex- a company that designs the best condo and real estate projects. Doyon has worked in the real estate field for more than 25 years, which is no less than an achievement. He has also been extensively involved in the success of his company, working as a CEO and serving his clients and colleagues with some great advice and tips. Under his guidance and views, Norplex has managed to show to its credibility in a number of prestigious condominium projects.

Norplex has been among the best real estate companies in Canada, and its success can be easily noticed with the number of happy clients they have. Yves Doyon Quebec has worked extensively hard in positioning of the real estate projects of Norplex, where the focus of the company is “Location First”. He focused on ensuring that the condos made by them are placed in the right places and locations, so that their clients only gain from the positioning in years to come. Time and again, Doyon has worked lengthily in ensuring the standards of the projects are maintained, not merely with regards to position, but also with regards to the architecture and construction.

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