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Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Sheer-Wrapped Vertical blinds provided this Waterloo client the privacy of a vertical blind, but with the visual softness of sheer drapery.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This client needed a darkening solution for a space that is sometimes used for sleeping. The cellular shade shown can be operated by hand if the shade can be reached or a telescoping pole can be included.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: 1" Aluminum Blinds still have their place in our bag of tricks. In this case they helped us solve a challenging installation scenario. We had to combine the angle of this bay window with the upward angle-top blinds on either side. We couldn't have given this Kitchener customer the light control they desired with any other product.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Picture here above a shutter, a faux wood arch is often the most economical choice for covering an arch.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This little alcove required 3 skylight shades, 2 angle-top shades and 5 traditional cordless cellular shades. Because of their flexibility in application cellular shades were the natural choice. It's just so happened that this homeowner's top priority was to reduce heat and save energy. Another great reason to cellular shades.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Horizontal window shadings combine the functional tilting vanes of a traditional blind, with the softness of a fabric shade.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Horizontal window shadings are an incredibly popular window covering option. They are most often done in a shade of white, but are actually available in a beautiful array of colours to complement any interior.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Horizontal Window Shadings have long been considered one of the most elegant window coverings.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: These shades are sometimes referred to as 'dual shades' because they really combine two fabrics in one: a soft sheer and a light-filtering privacy fabric.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: The combination of sheer and opaque bands of fabric in transitional shades provide the ultimate in flexible light control and privacy.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: There something about a vertical stripe that just always seems to work on a roman shade.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: A roman shade is a great way to soften a kitchen which is otherwise overwhelmed by hard surfaces.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Sometimes the best way to introduce fabric into a space isn't drapery, it's a roman shade.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Elegant and contemporary, a knife-pleat roman shade was just what this Waterloo master ensuite called for.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: The panel track in this Waterloo home is controlled by a baton. Not only is this a sleek and stylish option for a patio door, but one of the most convenient to operate as well.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This panel track provides some light control and privacy in Stratford. The track is concealed by a custom wood valance.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: One of the reasons that panel tracks are a great covering option for patio doors is that we can coordinate them to be done in the same fabric as roller shades done in the same fabric.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo customer wanted more function than could be offered by a single panel track, so the answer was to layer them. Closest to the window we have a sheer panel track. Layered over that is a patterned panel track.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Pinch Pleat Drapes paired with a smooth operating rod were just what this Waterloo couple needed to be able to sleep undisturbed in their Master Bedroom.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo resident recently moved into a condo and wanted to make it feel more 'like home'.  We found a fabric that she fell in love with and used it on both the cornice and decorative side panels shown. Home Sweet Home!
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo master ensuite needed fabric to soften the space. We settled on this custom designed contemporary valance.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: The interior of this Waterloo home was very contemporary. There was only one style of drapery that would do for the master bedroom: Ripplefold. The soft, continuous and consistent waves of the drapes melted perfectly into the decor.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Drapery is an excellent option for covering a patio door if you're looking for something that has a custom feel.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: A great way to introduce some fabric to a space without have to add a full set of drapery panels is to use an upholstered cornice. Shown here in the popular Straight style. We were able to unify an open space by doing this cornice in the same fabric that was done in  another set of drapes.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This dining room needed some simple grommet panels to frame and soften the space.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo homeowner had a traditional interior and wanted drapery that suited the space without being too formal. Enter Ripplefold. The clean lines of this drapery paired with a more traditional floral pattern was an exquisite pairing.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Ripplefold Drapery and Ripplefold Sheers provided this Waterloo homeowner with exactly the look they were after.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: So you don't want someone standing on your porch to be able to see right into your house, but you also want lots of light shining through. To make matters more challenging you've got less than an inch of space to mount. The perfect solution could be a rock pocket sheer. We have a vast selection of sheer fabrics available to suit any style.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: During the day the roman shade provides this Stratford customer with privacy and light control. At night the darkening Grommet Drapes can be drawn to prevent light from entering through the arch.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Grommet Drapery layered over top of Grommet Sheers provided this Waterloo customer with just the soft, contemporary look they were seeking.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: When unique ceiling contours prevent us from using a straight drapery rod, often medallions are the mounting hardware of choice. These drapes are locally hand-made. The client wanted a room-darkening liner and tie-backs.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: We are always up for a challenge and this proved to be one of the biggest we've faced. Not only was the window itself arched, but the ceiling followed the same contour leaving no room above the window to mount any type of drapery hardware. These locally-made arch-top tab draperies with a blackout lining were the result of several brainstorming sessions. A custom window seat cushion in matching fabric is the finishing touch.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: If you really want to brighten your space, but control the heat of the sun (and have a little privacy) consider clean and crisp white cellular shades. Pictured in this Waterloo home are cordless shades with the top-down option.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: If a client tell us, as this Waterloo customer did, that they want their bedroom to be as dark as possible one of the options we always present is cellular shades. When done in a room-darkening fabric, the only light that will enter the room is a very small sliver of light around the edges of the shade. When done in cordless these are a fantastic solution for kids bedrooms.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Cellular shades are the most popular option when customers want to install shades that follow the contour of a bow window.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: We often find that the best way to balance the need for privacy while maintaining light is to actually cover the bottom portion of the window. No product has more ways to do this than cellular shades. With a bottom-up/top-down cellular shades you can cover the bottom portion of the window or the top portion. You can cover the entire window, or you can draw all the fabric up to the top of the window.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Uptown Waterloo condo owner wanted some refuge from the heat entering through the windows. If energy efficiency is what you're after then cellular or honeycomb shades should be the first product you consider. The honeycomb structure of the fabric creates a pocket of air that provides unmatched insulation value in the window covering industry.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: We've all head the saying 'less is more'. Sometimes simple is just what a space calls for. This newly renovated Kitchener home needed some privacy and light control. The simple clean lines of this 2.5" wood blind were a perfect fit.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Sometimes motorizing blinds is just for pure convenience, but in some cases it is truly about safety. This Kitchener homeowner was concerned that she would fall if she was constantly climbing in and out of the tub to adjust the blinds. She also didn't want to settle for just having to keep them closed all the time. The solution is a battery-operated, motorized tilt. Now she can adjust the angle of the blinds while safely on this side of the tub using her remote control.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: If you look closely at this picture you'll be able to see the rods for tilting, but there are no cords for lifting this blind up and down. That's because it is CORDLESS! No longer do we have to settle for long, dangling cords that are both unsightly and hazardous for young children and pets. Nearly every type of window covering is available without cords now. Ask Budget Blinds of Waterloo about the Certified Best For Kids program.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: 2" Faux Wood Blinds are a relatively inexpensive custom window covering option. Faux wood blinds are moisture resistant and are available in a variety of finishes to suit nearly any decor.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This industrial loft condo had black window casing and the client wanted a solution that would blend right in. We did solid wood 2" blinds in a matching black finish.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: These 2" wood blinds were done in a custom colour to coordinate with the homeowner's existing woodwork. The valance was also custom mitered to follow the contour of this Bay window. It doesn't get any more custom than this!
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Whether you own a restaurant, spa, office or other establishment, your customers you want your clients to be comfortable. Controlling the heat and glare from the sun can be a key factor. Let the experts at Budget Blinds Waterloo assist you in optimizing the light control in your space.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo client needed general light control for their boardroom as well as the ability to darken the room significantly for projector presentation. This dual fabric option was the perfect solution.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: The receptionist in this north Waterloo office was having glare issues on her computer screen. Solar shades solved the issues .
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Whether your office has 10 blinds or an entire building of windows, call us for an onsite consultation.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo homeowner was struggling to find a privacy treatment for several doors. They wanted something discreet and also something that wouldn't interfere with their door hardware. The best solution was to actually change out their existing glass insert to one that had the blinds built right in.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Window Seat Cushion to match the new custom drapes in this bedroom. Who wants to curl up and read a book?
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This was a first for us! This Waterloo homeowner had a home theatre and we needed a way to black out the light coming through the doors. There was no room above the door to mount anything. If we mounted a typical product on the door there would have been light-leakage around the sides. The customer actually came up with the idea to use magnets on all 4 sides of the panels. This fabric matches the roller shades we also did in the same space.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Custom shaped bench cushions are available a Budget Blinds of Waterloo
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: It is possible to install shutters with the transom left completely uncovered as we did for this Waterloo customer. They now have privacy and some light control provided by the shutter in the lower portion of the window. This is complemented by always have some natural, unfiltered light entering the room through the upper transom.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Sometimes the best window covering solution is actually outside the window! These exterior aluminum shutters are stunning. You can use them for privacy dividers or even security for your outdoor living space.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: If you have a large window and want to maximize your view with a shutter, consider a 4.5" louvre. This shutter in Waterloo has no tilt bar and the fewest number of louvres possible to cover the window. This allow maximum light into the space and a maximum view out through the shutter. In addition, this is a geared shutter with no tilt bar to further optimize the view.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: The mission for this master bedroom was to bring the outside in. We used solid wood shutters stained to match the wood drapery rod up above. The drapery also added some needed warmth and softness to the space.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Make a statement in your home with stunning black shutters. This Kitchener homeowner wanted something dramatic in colour and timeless in style. You can't beat the beauty of natural solid wood.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Consider the experts at Budget Blinds of Waterloo for all of your specialty shape window coverings. This Waterloo homeowner needed light control for a bedroom in this angle-top window.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This St. Jacob's client had an entire wall of glass that included 2 large sliding patio doors in the centre. The perfect solution was an open-bypass shutter system. The shutter can slide from side to side with the louvres in the completely open position.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: These vinyl Shutters don't have a tilt bar. The louvres are all linked together using a high-quality geared system. This is the most clean and contemporary shutter available. This is the second time this client in Breslau has called on Budget Blinds for their window covering needs.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Adding shutters to your sidelights for light control is  a great solution. You can expect vinyl shutters to stand up well over time in a high-traffic area such as this.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This shutter allows flexibility in terms of both privacy and light control  by having a divider rail placed in the centre of the window. Also, by moving the tilt bar off to the side the view is clean and unobstructed.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: One of our favourite solutions for doors is to use a framed California shutters. Shutters are one of the few options that don't rattle and clang as the doors swing open and closed. You can see in this image how you can control and play with how the light enters the room. Conestogo.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This custom designed shutter follows the contour of the arch perfectly. If you require light control in a room with an arched window shutters just might be the most functional option.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: These white California Shutters blend into this white kitchen seamlessly. Notice how the shutters were custom manufactured to accommodate the door hardware. Also, the split tilt in the louvres lines up perfectly even though the shutters are different heights. This is the type of detail that our clients have come to appreciate and expect from Budget Blinds of Waterloo.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: After renovating to widen the opening shown to nearly triple its original size this homeowner noticed how much more the room heated up as the warm weather approached. These automated Serena shades by Lutron are near-silent and operate in unison with the touch of a button. They can also be controlled from your Android/iOS device. This customer can now make sure that the shades down at home even when they are at the cottage!
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: If you are sitting at your kitchen or dining room table trying to have a family meal with your sunglasses on, it might be time to address the window coverings!  This customer wanted to be able to control the sun in their breakfast nook, without having it feel too closed in. By installing solar shades we were able to block most of the direct sunlight while maintaining a degree of outward view to ensure the open feel they desired.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Before you decide that your large window needs to be broken up in to multiple shades or blinds, make sure you call Budget Blinds! This client didn't really want to have 3 shades in each of the windows pictured, but were told they were going to have to. We were able to install a single shade in each window so that the customer now has the simplicity in both appearance and operation that she wanted.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Roller shades certainly have come a long way. The incredible range of fabric styles now available has made roller shades one of the most popular choices for customer window coverings in recent years. The patterned of the fabric in this shade is highlighted when the sun filters through the fabric. The shade is completed with a fabric-wrapped cassette valance.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This Waterloo homeowner wanted a shade with some pattern to accent their new kitchen. They settled on this scroll fabric to provide the privacy the decorative accent they needed.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Due to the simplicity of operation an the desire to maximize light entering the room, roller shades have become a popular option for covering patio doors.  When not in use it rolls up inside the white aluminum fascia valance .
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: These clients wanted some refuge from the sun as well as a little privacy from the neighbours. The black fascia box at the top discretely hides the roll of fabric when not in use and protects the shade from the elements. Cable guides at the sides prevent the shade from swinging in the wind.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Often we are asked to provide a product where the customer can find the balance between still being able to enjoy the view and protect the interior from the sun's harmful UV rays. The answer is almost always a solar shade. If you can't see where the black window casing ends and the black linen-look fabric  begins, that was the intent. The designer had already had the windows painted black before we arrived. Our mission was to provide a product that did the job and was inconspicuous.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: The clean lines of these light-filtering roller shades contrast nicely with the rustic interior of this cottage.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: This client wanted privacy roller shades that could roll up and hide behind a wood valance that was stained to match their new custom woodwork.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Finding a product that can fully mount inside a window opening with only a depth of about 1.25" can be a challenge...until you call Budget Blinds! We have more unique and exclusive window coverings options than anyone else. This image shows a BECE privacy roller shade with no valance.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Our vans are like a mobile showroom. Rather than selecting colours and finishes in a store and then wondering if they will work with the lighting, paint and furniture in your home, we eliminate all of the uncertainty by bringing the samples to you. Convenience and peace of mind.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: You'll notice that when Matt arrives to install your new custom window coverings he'll be driving a Budget Blinds truck. This is part of what sets us apart from other retailers of window coverings: we have our own installer. Matt is a professional window coverings installer with years of experience.
Budget Blinds à Waterloo: Our team is small, but amazing! Budget Blinds of Waterloo is owned by Brian and Ashley Vermunt. Ashley (centre) manages the administrative side of the business. Brian (right) assists our clients with Free In-Home Consultations and quoting. Matt (left) provides outstanding installation workmanship and customer service. Pictured receiving the 2016 Consumer Choice Award for Window Treatments for all of Waterloo Region.
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